Mohai Eddine Hadit

My role:

International Area Representative – I will primarily focus on gluing together a community of students studying outside of the UK by promoting and sharing cultural differences and creating an inclusive environment. As your representative, I have the responsibility to represent your voice, and I will fight to resolve your concerns with the CEC to make your OU journey an unforgettable one.

My priorities for this term:

  • Support the production of a newsletter
  • Add more motivating activities and presentations during Freshers
  • Make international students' concerns heard inside the University
  • Reach as many pupils as possible by electing representatives from areas with numerous students.

What I’ve been up to and what I’m currently working on:

I am currently working on a newsletter format that I will discuss with you online, and I have met with many staff workers who offered me guidance on the proceedings of my role. I also met the previous Continental Europe Area Rep (now International Area Rep) Kate Wells to ensure a smooth transition would be in place.

What I’m studying:

I am studying for a Bachelor of Mathematics degree, and I'm currently taking Essential Mathematics 2 (MST125) and Economics in Context (DD126). I am also taking a Medical Doctorate (3rd year) in my hometown in Morocco. 

What I do when I’m not studying:

I like hanging out with people, but this summer heat got us locked up! When I am home, I mostly read books and play video games. I love debating, so I sometimes participate in MUNs, school debates or even informal discussions. 

My top study tips:

  • I plan everything in advance
  • I skim the material first to get an impression of the difficulty of (and my familiarity with) the subject. Then I allocate time to study it in more detail
  • I do loads of practice when I am studying mathematics, and I mostly use logical reasoning in other subjects I am pursuing.
  • I teach the materials to other people, or sometimes even to myself, as it helps me deepen my understanding of it.

Where to find me:


Instagram: mohi_hadit

Facebook: Mohi Hadit

Twitter: @OpenIntl_

My manifesto