Margaret Greenaway

My role:

As President, I will lead the Association through the next two years. I will be our students' voice and representative when attending high-level meetings. I aim to build on what has already been implemented and drive the Association forward, while working alongside The Open University to improve our students' experience and success.

My priorities for this term:

My initial priorities are to increase face-to-face interaction among students and the Association within all four nations, giving students the choice of interacting face-to-face or online. This enables the students to have another opportunity to express their opinions, give feedback and raise concerns in an informal setting, which also helps to combat isolation and gives the opportunity for students to begin to develop long-term friendships and connections.

One of my long-term goals is to support those with undiagnosed special education needs. It is my strong belief that everyone can succeed with the correct support. I will be looking into (and aiming to implement) a one-stop shop of support that students can access to get their diagnoses if one is required, which will then open access to the support that they are entitled to in order to succeed and progress through life and beyond university.

What I’ve been up to and what I’m currently working on:

I’ve been studying with the OU since 2007 (with a little break in the middle). I completed my Open Honours Degree in 2019 with a heavy focus on Classical Studies. However, my study journey has allowed me to study modules associated with Law, Psychology and Counselling.

What I’m studying:

After a couple of years' break, I decided to return to studying and began a Masters in Classical Studies. I’m particularly interested in archaeology and look forward to opportunities where I can get involved.

What I do when I’m not studying:

When I am not studying, my family are my main focus. I enjoy taking them to their numerous activities which have changed over the years. I enjoy camping with no electricity – an excellent opportunity to get back to nature and away from all the modern distractions. And I also take care of the numerous animals that we currently have.

When I’m not studying, I spend quality time with my children. We love to explore new things, and on a rainy day nothing is better than snuggling up on the sofa under a duvet with a bowl of popcorn, watching Netflix.

My top study tips:

My top tips for studying are:

  • Research and read as much as possible around the subject before you begin your course – this will give you a good foundation and it’s unlikely you’ll have time during the course.
  • Time management is also key, no matter what, It is very likely that at some point due to something unexpected you will fall behind – being prepared for this can be invaluable.

Where to find me:


Twitter: @OpenPresident

My manifesto