Sarah Jones



What this role involves:

Leading the Association and team of student reps to be the voice of the student community to the University

What you've studied and are studying at the OU:

I have just finished a Primary Education degree full time and I am going on to study a Masters in Education

Why you decided to volunteer (and any previous volunteering experience with the Association):

I wanted to be part of something bigger than myself. I wanted to be part of a community.

I have spent two years being the Faculty Rep for Wellbeing Education and Language Studies

Residential School Volunteer and Co-ordinator

Degree Ceremony Co-ordinator

Forum Moderator

Summary of what you want to do in your role during the August 2020 – July 2022 term:

I want the students I represent to feel part of something bigger; I want to develop an inclusive and welcoming student community whose voice is represented in all levels of the University. I want to encourage student partnership, continuing work such as the Student Charter to build relationships that benefit students and also hold the University to account.

  • Continuing to make the Students Association a more inclusive and welcoming place for ALL students by building on the recommendations in the recent Culture review. I will encourage all who represent the Association to live the values of integrity, openness, equality, inclusivity and collaboration.
  • Advocating the democratic process within the University and helping them to work with us, the Student’s Association, as partners in all that is done. Upholding the values in the Student Charter, such as working in partnership and continuing to challenge the University on ways to increase student engagement in decision making.
  • Helping the Student’s Association become an organisation that truly represents students in every area of the University, giving voice to ALL students and increasing participation. I want to help review the governance of the Association so that it aligns with the strategy-making it forward-looking but without forgetting all the good things it has done in the past.
  • Helping build on the new strategy and implement this throughout the Student’s Association and beyond. I want us to be a part of creating a manifesto for life-long learning whilst supporting and upholding the student engagement standard; focussing the priorities of the Student’s Association whilst having active student representation

I will ensure I listen to and take advice from experienced and new Association members and, in collaboration, use that knowledge to successfully implement the strategy. As the University now has younger and more career focussed students, as well as leisure learners, we need to make sure that the Student’s Association is accessible for all and continues to evolve to meet future challenges.

Any other interests you'd like to share:



I do LEGO therapy at my local school with 30 children – best part of my week, playing LEGO!

I play the piano badly as well as the clarinet and tenor saxophone. I love singing.

I like Star Trek and Star Wars and love binge-watching box sets when I get the chance. I’m also a Harry Potter and Tolkien fan.

And did I say LEGO!!!

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Email: Sarah.Jones(at)