The Association Conversation Station is our new podcast, focusing (initially) on our 50th anniversary. We'll be celebrating this milestone by chatting to many notable figures from both the Association and The Open University itself – past and present.

You can listen to our first two episodes below (we'll be putting up the link to all future podcasts on this page too).

Episode 1: The relationship between the Association and The Open University

In this first episode, our President Sarah Jones chats to Dan Moloney (Director of Engagement at the Association) and Rachel Garnham from The Open University about the 50-year partnership between the Association and The Open University. It's a fascinating look at how we work together well, but still manage to maintain our independence from each other.

Episode 2 – It's our 50th birthday!

This is an extra episode to mark our 50th birthday (the big day was on 16 May 2022) Our President Sarah Jones catches up with Chris Roworth (our former President), Sir John Daniel (former Vice-Chancellor of The Open University) and Rob Avann (the Association Chief Executive Officer) to celebrate the achievements of the last half-century, share some funny stories, and look ahead to the future.