Looking back: A Welcome pack from 1986

Image reads: Welcome OUSA The Open University Students Association

As part of our 50th Anniversary celebrations, throughout August we will be looking back at the Association's history and a discussion about the wonderful archival material we have of our first 50 years. 

With the start of the new academic year just around the corner, new and returning students will soon be receiving our new look welcome leaflet and attending Freshers sessions to give you a flavour of what the wonderful OU Students Association community has to offer. This warm welcome is something the Association has proudly offered for decades, and we wanted to share a copy of our welcome pack from 1986.

Find our latest Welcome leaflet here!

Front page   Welcome   OUSA   The Open University Students Association     PO Box 397 Walton Hall  Milton Keynes   MK7 6BE   (0908) 652026

Page 1   What is the Students Association?   The charter of the Open University states that there shall be an Association of the students. This Association is recognised by the University as the only organisation representing its student. The major part of the Association’s funding comes directly from the University. As a student of the Open University you are automatically a member of the 100,000 strong Open University Students Association. When you are allocated a study centre by the University, you are also allocated membership of an OUSA branch.   Your contact point other than your branch committee is your regional representative –   What does the Association provide for you?   The protection and furtherance of your educational interests.   The opportunity to represent the students’ viewpoint on Open University controlling and consultative boards and committees.   A specialist area dealing with all aspects of student welfare – particularly offering assistance to financially disadvantaged or disabled students.   Representatives at summer school to co-ordinate student support and organise non-academic activities.   An effective campaigns structure.  Various publications, amongst them OUSA News – the students’ newspaper.   A marketing operation – offering goods relevant to you as student members, both by mail order and at summer school outlets.   What does the Association stand for?   Campaigning for realistic government funding.   Ensuring that you are academically independent but not isolated learners.   Resisting the transfer of costs to students.   Campaigning for discretionary and mandatory grants for all part-time students.   Ensuring that your voice is heard outside as well as inside the University.   Image caption: Dr John Horlock (Vice Chancellor) invited to speak at 1985 OUSA National Conference.   Page 2   Education  A LIFE LONG PROCESS   Exciting new products from marketing including   Diaries, mugs, t-shirts, scarves, sweaters, ties etc.   Useful schemes to help you the student e.g.   Coach card concession scheme through National Express   Acting as a contact for students with books to exchange   Travel to Summer Schools with the Car-Share scheme   Information on Branch and Regional contacts   Operating near you as well as   News on Societies which you can join    A LIFE LONG   Promoting & protecting your educational interests on home computing etc.   Raising funds to help   OUSET meet the needs of disadvantaged students   Campaigning for OU Students &   Equality of the grants system   Social events organised by OUSA Representatives at   Summer Schools     For further information contact: OUSA office, PO Box 397, Walton Hall Milton Keynes, MK7 6BE     OUSA The Open University Students Association   PO Box 397 Walton Hall Milton Keynes MK7 6BE Telephone (0908) 652026

Education   A LIFE LONG PROCESS  not  Campaign			Complacent   Action			Apathy  Mandatory 			Means-tested  Perspicuous			Persecute  Achievement 		Adversity  Involvement 			Indifference  Graduate 			Grapple  Nurture 			Neglect   Secure			Scuttled  The major costs incurred in studying for a part-time degree is the cost of fees. OUSA believes that Education is not just for those who can afford the fees. A mandatory grant would mean that the fees were paid in the same way as if they were studying full-time at a conventional university. A Mandatory grant would be subject to academic progress being maintained and OUSA is primarily concerned with students who have not had the chance of previous Undergraduate Study.   Students Campaigning For Students   OUSA The Open University Students Association   PO Box 397 Walton Hall Milton Keynes MK7 6BE Telephone (0908) 652026    Page 4   WHAT OUSA DOES FOR YOU!   Promotion and protection of the educational interests of all students   Deferring academic credibility.   Supporting the balance between vocational training and education for its “own sake”.   Arguing for a home computing strategy which balances cost with benefit.   Keeping up the fight against compulsory second foundation courses.   Demanding alternatives to animal experimentation at Summer Schools.   Pressing for early results.   Campaigning for mandatory grants for OU students  Grant support for part-time students is now advocated by most political parties, but we must convince this Government of the need. A mandatory grant for a part-time student to cover items as for a full-time student (other than resistance and subsistence) would cost only 10% of the sum paid to an equivalent full-time student. An investment of a few hundred £s on an OU student would reap considerable benefit to the community. Until mandatory awards are achieved we will fight to maintain and improve discretionary grants.   Organisation of social events at Summer Schools by OUSA Representatives   Folk evenings, discos, cheese and wine parties, videos, movies…the list is endless. Every Summer School is different, providing its own selection of social events, organised by OUSA representatives on campus or from nearby branches or with the local Student Union.     Provision of Book Exchange, Car-Share for Summer Schools and Pen Friend Schemes   OUSA provides many services that bring students into contact with one another and with outside organisations. Buying and selling books direct, sharing transport to Summer School, corresponding with students of the Fernuniversität in W. Germany. Membership Cards are obtainable to help gain discounts on many goods and services (eg free/reduced entry to museums, art galleries etc).  Cheap travel on National Express Coaches   NATIONAL EXPRESS 			SCOTTISH CITYLINK COACHES  National Express Student Coach Cards can be purchased to allow you to travel on most National Express coaches at 33% discount. Saving on one long distance journey is more than enough to make the card pay for itself.   Help for the disabled and disadvantaged student   There is a student Regional Welfare Secretary in each region who can give advice and assistance on a variety of problems affecting your welfare. OUSA can provide some specialist equipment to assist disabled students with their studies.   We help you to help other students by raising money for our trust fund (O.U.S.E.T.)  You, the students, raise money by a variety of means, at Summer Schools and OUSA events throughout the year. O.U.S.E.T. can then assist disadvantaged students with expenses incurred in the course of their studies.   Write in for details   To the 	OUSA OFFICE (86L)  PO BOX   397 WALTON HALLWALTON HALL   MILTON KEYNES MK7 6BE  Enclosing for cards:  Membership – passport photo student identity letter   Coach – 2 passport photos student identity letter   Cheque/po for £3.50   (from 1.8.86)  OUSA The Open University Students Association   PO Box 397 Walton Hall Milton Keynes MK7 6BE Telephone (0908) 652026

Back cover shows a blue and white stripe design.