2022 sees our highest Annual Membership Survey response rate yet

Image shows hands typing on a laptop

An amazing 4,221 students took part in 2022’s Annual Membership Survey, the biggest student response in OU Students Association history! Why is that important? As a distance-learning provider, it can be more challenging to hear direct from students, but as free members of the Association your survey responses are key to deciding which services and support underpin our mission to make a positive difference to all Open University (OU) students.


Getting your voice heard

Your Student Leadership team were vital in reaching out to as many students as possible. Emails went out to almost 181k OU students, plus a mix of social media, website and TutorHub announcements. With a huge number of incentives on offer, 54 students won amazing prizes just for taking part in the survey – including Association merchandise, shopping vouchers, Samsung Galaxy tablets and even a laptop.


What does this mean for you?

Association research is a chance for you to feedback direct into our strategy and for us to learn more what really matters to you and your student journeys. It also underlies the priorities for your elected Student Leadership to work on for 2023/4: Representation; EDI and Accessibility; Communities and Engagement; and Association Awareness (how we can better help to support you).

See the impact of your 2021 survey feedback* below.


Image reads: you said, we listened! Full information can be found at www.oustudents.com/about-us/strategy-and-insight/insight/annual-membership-survey/


What next?

See key insights on disability, LGBTQ+, Student Voice and more, from the Association’s 2021 Annual Membership Survey. Do you agree? 

2022 survey responses are being analysed and results will be published as soon as they are available. Engage with the Association as much or as little as you like, but if you want to be heard and make a difference, then there are lots of ways for you to share what is truly important to you!