Nichola Connolly

My role:

Communicating with students to enable their voice to be heard within the WELS faculty, and creating an inclusive community whereby students feel involved and empowered to express their opinions and get their voice heard. Also, to be a conduit for students at the University and the Association.

My priorities for this term:

I want to increase the level of engagement between the faculty and its students – for more students to be involved across the faculty, with a wider, more diverse presence of students being able to contribute. I would also like to play my part in improving the relationships between students and the Students Association, as often students do not understand the membership to the Students Association or what it stands for. I would like to change the perception of the Students Association, and be able to facilitate a more open and engaging relationship. I would also want to establish more of a community within the WELS faculty by arranging more drop-ins and events.

What I've been up to and what I'm currently working on:

As the previous Faculty Association Rep for WELS, I have been finishing off my term and have been contributing to training for the next term. I have been involved in the Tutor Awards with the other Faculty Reps. I have also become qualified as a mental health first aider, as well as continuing with my other volunteer roles, including as an online meet-up host, whereby I host the mental wellbeing session each week.

What I'm studying:

I am studying towards a BA Hons in Primary Education (Studies). After deferring earlier this year, I will be continuing the final year of my degree and will be studying E309 (Comparative and International Studies in Primary Education) and EK313 (Issues in Research with Children and Young People).

What I do when I'm not studying:

I spend time with family and friends, and read for pleasure – my favourite genre of book is dystopian. I like to travel when I get the time, and I also play the guitar.

My top study tips:

  • To be organised and use time-management skills
  • If possible, to get ahead by a week or two for any life events that inevitably arise
  • To look at the free Open Learn courses, especially 'Becoming an OU student'
  • Reach out to tutors when necessary as they are incredibly supportive.

Where to find me:


Facebook: Nichola Connolly

Twitter: @OpenWELS

My manifesto